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Our Story



Calleo was co-founded by Bailey and Rob, two friends who met at University. With Calleo, we offer a unique service to modernise the way we remember our loved ones in our lives. 


The sad passing of Rob’s grandfather, Bob Langley, in 2021 inspired the launch of Calleo. Having lived a remarkable life serving in the military for fifty years, he passed on many words of wisdom and help to his three generations of family. Bob always offered treasured memories to Rob through life’s challenges and triumphs, including his education, work and marriage.


When Bob passed away in 2021, Rob wished nothing more than to hear his grandfather's voice one last time and to recollect word for word the advice and wisdom shared on his wedding day. But the memory had started to fade. While his handwriting made its mark in the guest book, it didn’t capture the tone and personality of Bob, nor did it give him the space to write a meaningful message at length. 

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That’s why we launched Calleo - an Audio Guest Book service that allows guests to record their message as a voicemail, rather than in a handwritten guest book. We recognised the power of an Audio Guest Book in remembering our loved ones and also the funny moments at weddings and other events. 


We know that, most of the time, a traditional guest book fails to capture the true essence of the attending guests. And, unfortunately, these books tend to end up in storage, lost, or broken. But Calleo fixes this problem. The vintage style Calleo Audio Guest Book telephone is easy for all guests to use. You simply pick up the phone and leave a message - no matter how long it is. This simple upgrade from a paper-based guest book can let you ‘ring, record and remember’ all of your loved ones. Plus, the audio file can be stored online, meaning it lasts forever. 


Had Calleo existed during special events and moments in our lives, we would still be able to hear the familiar and comforting words of our closest loved ones, even after they had passed. And that is the gift that we want to give to others - a more intimate, meaningful and personal guest book experience. 

We are now fortunate enough to share the stories of our couples. Corinne and Greg are two valued customers of ours and now lifelong friends, who booked Calleo for their wedding. Having cared for their grandfather in the final years of his life, the pair developed a special bond with him and wanted to find a way to remember him at their wedding. They had a Calleo phone at their wedding reception for all guests to use, including Granda. Sadly their Granda passed away just days after the wedding. Now, the Calleo audio recording is the last message Corinne and Greg ever have from him. They treasure it and listen to it whenever they miss him. You can listen to their story here

Corinne and Greg’s story shows you that Calleo is more than a wedding novelty. It serves a larger purpose in keeping families together, remembering those who are no longer with us, and helping you to form a unique keepsake from a special day that won’t get lost or broken. If you would like to use Calleo at your next event, check the availability here.

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